Insurance for students

In general, all students enrolled at a university in Germany are liable to insurance deductions. When you have a health insurance, you also have a care insurance as well. For matriculation every student has to hand in a certificate of insurance. This is a proof of a valid insurance or of the exemption of legal obligation to insure. The certificate is valid throughout your entire studies. You do not have to hand in a new certificate until you change universities.

Health Insurance

Foreign students who are formally matriculated at a German higher education institution are fundamentally subject to the same conditions that apply for German students as far as health insurance is concerned.

  • Students up to 30 years of age who come from EU/EEA countries or from Switzerland and who are insured with a statutory health insurance carrier in their country of origin can have their health insurance recognised by a statutory health insurance carrier in German.
  • Students from EU/EEA countries or from Switzerland who are insured with a private health insurance company in their country of origin must present a letter of confirmation from this health insurance company when they matriculate in Germany.
  • Students who do not come from EU/EEA countries or from Switzerland must take on health insurance in Germany. Up to their 30th birthday these students can insure themselves with a statutory or private health insurance. After the limit has been reached, insurance is only possible with a private health insurance company.
  • Students from countries with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement which includes an insurance clause can remain insured in their home country: information is provided by the local health insurance carries (Ortskrankenkassen) in the university town, by the health insurance companies in the home country and by the International Offices (Akademische Auslandsämter).
Health insurance cards laying on a desk.
Foto: Julien Fertl / Bundesagentur für Arbeit

The German Student Services organisation (Deutsches Studentenwerk) has concluded a general agreement on health insurance rates for foreign students. 29 Student Service Offices offer a “Service-Paket” in which insurance is included.
Learn more about health insurance in Germany for foreign students: www.internationale-studierende.de/en/services/international_services/service_package/

There is also an offer from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). It is made for people who do receive funding from programs of the DAAD or the European Union or are supported by a German university or a partner organization of the DAAD: www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/plan-your-studies/health-insurance/

Please also take a closer look at this site: www.internationale-studierende.de

Accident insurance

Students at universities are noncontributory insured at the legal accident insurance. The accident insurance guard is very close to the university and their direct area of influence as well as your way to and back. Therefore some Student Service Offices have a additional private accident insurance for their students. You can get information at your local Student Service Office.

In general, an accident insurance comes with every job you do during your studies, in your semester break or during an internship, regardless of your wage. Your employer pays the fees. There is no legal accident insurance when you work as a freelancer though; in this case you have to insure yourself.

Other Insurances

Essential for students and apprentices essential:

  • An own private liability insurance to protect you and others against unexpected expenses for caused damage. At least, if you don’t live with your parents and depending on the type of their insurance.
  • A householder’s comprehensive policy can insure students against damages in their household, regardless of whether they live with their parents or in a shared apartment. As long as they are enrolled at a university, they are usually insured with their parents. However: In general, the community asset in a shared apartment is not covered by such an insurance. If you establish your own household, you need your householder’s comprehensive policy. Please consult your insurance companies. You will receive information at the consumer advice centers.
  • A bicycle theft insurance can also be useful. This type of insurance purchased as part of your household insurance policy may be more affordable than if ordered separately.
  • If you are planning a trip during in your semester break, you can insure yourself wit a travel insurance. You will need this type of insurance if you plan to stay in the USA., Australia, South Africa or other countries with which no comprehensive social security agreements have been concluded and in which your expenses will not be covered by your health insurance policy.

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