Automotive Industry

Anyone who has a passion for automobiles and has an eye on the economic aspects of a mobile future is in good hands in this field of study.

The field of study at a glance

The degree programs in this field deal specifically with the economic aspects of the automotive and supplier industry. In addition to general business and legal knowledge, special expertise for the automotive sector is taught. These include the practice-oriented study of procurement and value-added processes in the automotive industry, utilization and marketing strategies, brand management and automotive marketing, service management and the management of automotive trade groups. Technical correlations and development trends in the automotive sector are also addressed. Special foreign language courses impart intercultural skills for the international environment.

Course offered

The courses are offered (also dual) primarily at universities of applied sciences. At some universities, you can also focus on the automotive industry as part of industrial engineering.

Contents of the course

The bachelor's degree provides basic scientific and practical knowledge in production and logistics, vehicle technology, technical purchasing and controlling as well as product management.

Possible modules include chassis and body technology, car dealership management, marketing in the automotive industry, electromobility, marketing processes, procurement and value creation processes, mathematics, legal principles in the automotive industry, strategic management, workshop and parts management, value creation structures and processes as well as competition and commercial law.

Career opportunities after graduation

Graduates are offered various fields of activity in companies in the vehicle industry as well as in supplier companies, e.g. in purchasing, procurement, sales, sales or management.