Business administration

Business administration deals with the economic relationships and laws of individual businesses and companies with the aim of specifically supporting decision-making processes.

The field of study at a glance

The business administration courses have been among the most popular at German universities for years - for women and men alike. Business administration is a branch of economics. The focus here is on individual companies with their economic relationships, processes and laws. The subject imparts general business knowledge as part of more generalist courses, which often also offer opportunities to focus on areas such as finance and accounting, marketing or the international aspects of business activities. In addition, there are independent study programs that deal with issues from individual functional areas or industries or sectors in an even more specialized manner. These are discussed in separate sections.

Course offered

Bachelor's degree programs in this field are available primarily at universities of applied sciences, but also at some universities. The course titles are usually "Business Administration" or "Business Management", "Corporate Management" or "Business Administration".

Contents of the course

The course provides the basics of business administration and, to some extent, economics, as well as knowledge in areas such as corporate management, corporate taxation, human resources management, business mathematics and statistics, bookkeeping and balance sheet, cost and performance accounting, procurement, production and logistics, business law, human resources management as well as foreign trade and international law.

Career opportunities after graduation

Graduates have many opportunities, e.g. in business and human resources consulting, in industry, in trade and services, in the credit, insurance and transport industries or in the IT consulting and software industry. But fields of activity are also opening up in public administration and business, with associations and national and international authorities.