Financial services, insurance industry

The courses in this field of study prepare students for management tasks at credit institutions and insurance companies.

The field of study at a glance

The field of study offers academic training in insurance, banking and finance. Building on basic business management training, which also imparts knowledge of financial mathematics and statistics, students acquire the industry knowledge specific to working in the banking and insurance industry.

In the banking and finance industry, a distinction is made between private customer and corporate customer business. The industry ensures that companies and private individuals remain liquid. Banks also strive to maximize their own profits. Everything revolves around the stock market and securities business, trading in raw materials, credit, loans, investments and more.

The insurance industry, on the other hand, protects private individuals and companies against possible risks. The internationalization of the market and forms of distribution such as direct insurance play a major role.

In order to fulfill these tasks, employees must have solid, specific qualifications, especially in the areas of risk management, marketing and sales management, controlling and international financial markets.

Course offered

Bachelor's programs in this area are available primarily at technical colleges, but also at some universities. The course is also often offered on a dual or part-time basis. Possible course titles include “Banking and Insurance”, “Banking and Finance”, “Financial Services”, “Insurance Industry” or “Risk and Insurance”.

Contents of the course

Building on basic business management training, bachelor's students receive subject- and industry-specific knowledge, e.g. legal, mathematical and sector-related knowledge of the banking and insurance business. Example modules include basics of business administration, basics of financial services, banking and financial management, lending, sales of financial services products, business law, statistical methods of the insurance industry, insurance business, insurance law, risk and decision theory and business mathematics. In many courses, students set priorities in higher semesters.

Career opportunities after graduation

There are various fields of activity available for graduates: banks, insurance companies and financial services companies, but also in industry and service companies, e.g. in the areas of controlling or finance and accounting.