Financial Services, Insurance Industry

Courses of this field prepare for management tasks i.e. at banks and insurance companies.

The study field at a glance

The field of study offers academic education in insurance, banking and finance. Based on basic business education, in which knowledge of financial mathematics and statistics is imparted, students acquire the industry knowledge specific to their job in the banking and insurance industry.

  • Among other things, the financial sector has the function of ensuring the performance of companies by, for example, balancing the opportunities and risks of business financing and investment and ensuring the supply of liquidity. In addition, private individuals should receive the best possible advice on individual investment and financing options.
  • The insurance industry, on the other hand, protects individuals and companies against possible risks. The internationalization of the market as well as new forms of distribution, e.g. Direct insurance companies have changed the competitive situation and pose new challenges to the economically important sector and its over 550,000 employees in Germany.

What is needed is a solid specific qualification of the employees, v.a. in risk management, marketing and sales management, and controlling as well as information and communication technology.

Offered courses

Bachelor programs in this area are mainly at universities of applied sciences, but also at some universities. Possible study titles are Business Administration, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Insurance, Insurance and Finance, Asset Management.

Contents of the course

Building on basic business education, undergraduate students receive specialist and sector-specific knowledge, e.g. legal, mathematical and sector-specific knowledge of the banking and insurance business. Exemplary modules are foundations of business administration, fundamentals of financial services, banking and finance management, lending business, distribution of financial services products, business law, statistical methods of the insurance industry, insurance business, insurance law, risk and decision theory and business mathematics. In a large number of degree programs, students focus on higher semesters

Possible careers after graduation

For graduates, different fields of activity are offered by banks, insurance companies and financial services companies, but also in the private sector, e.g. in the area of ​​controlling or finance and accounting.