Health Management and Economics

In the health care of the population there is a claim to continue to secure and improve the high standards – at the same time, hospitals, medical practices and health insurance companies should operate efficiently.

The study field at a glance

The central contents of the health economics and health management programs deal with economic aspects in the healthcare sector. The program provides a broad knowledge of the economic and structural conditions of the respective sector and service environment and qualifies for management tasks in health care. Business content is complemented by health science, medical, pharmaceutical, social law and health policy content. In addition, issues of performance measurement in health care, personnel development and quality and service management are discussed. The goal is to design healthcare processes so that fewer resources are consumed with the same or even improved quality.

Offered courses

Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in this area are mainly at universities of applied sciences, but also at some universities. Other possible study titles include health and social management and health care management.

Contents of the course

The bachelor's program teaches scientific and practical basic knowledge in economics, health sciences and medical management. Possible modules include basics of health sciences, workplace health management, health care structures, management and leadership in health organizations, business thinking and action in healthcare organizations.

Admission criteria & study application

Depending on the university, an internal selection process may take place. It may be necessary to prove a pre-placement or a completed education in a health profession.

Possible careers after graduation

Health management and economics degree programs qualify for use in the management of medical practices, in hospitals, in health and long-term care insurance, in health promotion and information, and in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical trade.