Health management and economics

In order to secure and further develop standards in healthcare, healthcare players such as health insurance companies, outpatient and inpatient care facilities (e.g. hospitals, doctor's offices), pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must operate efficiently. In order to achieve this, this field of study prepares students for management tasks in the healthcare sector.

The field of study at a glance

The central content of the Health Economics and Health Management degree programs deals with economic aspects in the healthcare system. The course therefore provides broad knowledge of the business and structural conditions in the area and qualifies you for management tasks in healthcare. Business management content is supplemented by health science, medical, pharmaceutical, social law and health policy content. In addition, questions of performance measurement in the healthcare system, personnel development and quality and service management are addressed. The aim is to design processes in the healthcare system in such a way that lower costs are incurred while maintaining the same or even improved quality.

Course offered

Bachelor's and master's courses in this field of study are available primarily at universities of applied sciences, also as a dual course of study, but also at some universities. Possible course titles include “Health Management”, “Health Care Management”, “Health Economics and Health Policy” or “Business Administration in Health Care”.

Contents of the course

The bachelor's program imparts basic scientific and practical knowledge in economics, health science and medical management. Possible modules include basics of health sciences, company health management, health care structures, management and personnel management in health organizations or entrepreneurial thinking and acting in health care organizations.

Admission criteria & application for study

Depending on the university, an internal university selection process may take place. You may need to provide proof of a previous internship or completed training in a health profession.

Career opportunities after graduation

Study programs in the field of health management and economics qualify you for areas of application in the administration of medical practices, in hospitals, in health and nursing care insurance, in the area of health promotion and information as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and in the pharmaceutical trade.