Human Resources and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Finance and Controlling, Production and Logistics - these are just some of the areas in a company or organization where management processes are to be managed.

The study field at a glance

In this occupational field, one normally leads a company or a subarea, implements corporate goals and coordinates corporate activities. Other key tasks are to develop corporate goals or planning and control systems.

Depending on the university, management studies can either be generalist, that is, competences for practical business management are imparted, or it prepares students for specific tasks in professional practice. That can be management in trade, in industry and service or middle class management.

Depending on the course of study, the focus of study may be on administrative, legal, economic, political and social science expertise.

Offered courses

Management programs are mainly offered by universities of applied sciences, but also by some universities. The programs are e.g. These terms include Service Management, Service Management, Innovation Management, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Management, Regional Management, Consulting and Controlling, SME Management, Corporate Governance or Business Management.

Contents of the course

The bachelor's program includes an introduction to the classic business management principles and working methods. These include e.g. Accounting, statistics, cost and performance accounting, marketing, corporate and personnel management. In addition, there is the deepening or specialization in the various management areas as well as business with foreign languages.

Possible careers after graduation

Bachelor graduates in the field of management offer different fields of employment in the private sector, e.g. Management, business management, business consulting, business organization, planning or controlling, sales, advertising and marketing. There are also jobs in public administration, for example in business development.