Human resources and employee management, marketing and sales, financing and controlling, production and logistics: these are just a few of the tasks performed by managers in companies. They manage, organize and keep teams together.

The field of study at a glance

Managers lead companies or departments, design corporate strategies or set corporate goals and coordinate other activities that are intended to lead the company to success. They also develop and plan control instruments to review economic goals.

The management course is similar to business administration, but is more practice-oriented. Depending on the university, it is either generalist or tailored to specific areas of professional practice. In generalist courses of study, basic skills for business management are taught; specific areas of responsibility can prepare you for starting a business or management tasks in service companies, in retail or medium-sized businesses. Building on this, students can focus on issues such as administrative, legal, economic, political and social science issues.

Course offered

Management courses are offered primarily by private universities, but also by state technical colleges and universities. The courses can be found, for example, under these names: “Innovation Management”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Small-Sized Enterprises Management”, “Management”, “Corporate Management” or “Sustainability Management”.

Contents of the course

The bachelor's degree includes an introduction to the classic business principles and working methods. These include, for example, bookkeeping and accounting, statistics, cost and performance accounting, marketing, corporate and employee management. In addition, there is deepening or specialization in the various management areas and foreign languages. The chosen focus areas can be deepened in the master's program.

Career opportunities after graduation

Graduates in the field of management find employment in industry or in service companies. In the private sector, they work in corporate management, management consulting, business organization and planning, or in advertising, controlling, sales, distribution and marketing. Jobs are also available in public administration, for example in business development.