Marketing & Distribution

Marketing and sales issues do not only become interesting when products are ready for sale. Right from the start of product development, experts from marketing and sales provide important information for the subsequent market success of a product or service. That is why marketing plays a crucial role in the success of the company.

The field of study at a glance

Depending on the definition, marketing or sales includes all measures aimed at opening up markets, selling or making products or services known. Marketing and sales specialists analyze markets, competitors and target groups and create sales channels and sales strategies at the interface between pricing, brand positioning, product communication, public relations, advertising and corporate strategy.

Course offered

Marketing courses are offered primarily by technical colleges, but also by individual universities. The names of the courses are, for example: “Brand Management”, “Digital Marketing and Communication Management”, “Internet and Online Marketing”, “International Marketing Management”.

Knowledge in marketing and sales can also be acquired as a focus or in-depth knowledge at numerous universities as part of general business administration courses.

Contents of the course

Building on basic business training, students acquire qualifications for various strategic and operational areas such as offer management, customer relationship marketing, e-commerce, brand management, market research, communication management, conceptual marketing or sales management. In addition, industry-specific specializations such as sports marketing, fashion marketing, multimedia marketing or international marketing are offered.

Career opportunities after graduation

Graduates can work in advertising, marketing and sales in numerous sectors of the private sector.