Marketing, Sales

Marketing is now considered a central business function to align the activities of companies on national and international markets.

The study field at a glance

Marketing is traditionally referred to as the market-oriented business decisions. Specialists in marketing and sales provide important information for the market success of a product or service. They can assess customer needs, know the competitive environment and know which sales channels and sales strategies are suitable.

The results of the marketing strategy and planning are converted into concrete marketing measures, the operative marketing, by means of the marketing mix. These measures include product policy, pricing policy, communication policy and distribution policy.

Sales, i.e. the distribution of products, are one of the last areas. Accordingly, marketing and sales are closely interlinked.

Offered courses

Marketing programs are mainly offered by universities of applied sciences, but also by individual universities. The names of the degree programs include Brand Management, Digital Media Marketing, Internet and Online Marketing, International Marketing Management.

Knowledge of marketing and sales can be acquired at numerous universities as part of general business studies as a focus or consolidation.

Contents of the course

Based on a basic business education, students acquire qualifications for various strategic and operational areas of action, such as Quotation management, customer relationship marketing, e-commerce, brand management, market research, communication management, conceptual marketing or sales management. In addition, industry-specific specializations such as sports marketing, fashion marketing, multimedia marketing or international marketing are offered.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates can work in advertising, marketing and sales in numerous branches of the private sector.