Media Industry and Management

The media world is changing rapidly. The development speed of new technologies is high and new media formats and products are constantly being created. This requires specialists who, in addition to a sound business education, have a comprehensive media expertise.

The study field at a glance

The study of the media industry and the media management prepares to accompany media products from the conception to the design and technical implementation, to economically manage and market them. In addition, students should be enabled to react to future developments in media usage behavior at an early stage, to develop technical innovations and to shape sustainable business models for the media, cultural and creative industries.

Offered courses

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in media management and management are predominantly at universities of applied sciences. Emphasis may be in the areas of management, marketing, or for specific sectors (e.g., music management). Also media research is a possible specialization.

Contents of the course

The program covers economic, legal, technical, media and communication science as well as design aspects. The bachelor program includes module offers for the mathematical, business and economic basics: mathematics, statistics, accounting, production management, marketing, corporate management, finance, taxation and (media) law. Subject-specific modules are e.g. Media technology, media and communication science.

Admission criteria & study application

Partly, the universities carry out aptitude tests.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates can work in various fields, such as media production (print, online, multimedia), in theater, film and television production or in art and cultural management. Employment opportunities exist in publishers, at radio, television and film companies, advertising, multimedia and PR agencies, in corporate marketing departments, pollsters or software vendors.