Personnel Management and Services

Due to the increasing internationalization and professionalization of the economy, the so-called "human resource management" is gaining in importance: Complex forms of personnel controlling, personnel development and future-oriented international personnel management have put the personnel administration in the background in the traditional sense.

The study field at a glance

Personal (service) management is a business administration degree. The goal of HR managers is to attract, retain and nurture qualified personnel. The aim is to recruit suitable employees in good time and to develop their skills through appropriate measures. In addition, they deal with topics such as personnel management, controlling and payroll management.

Offered courses

The study is mainly offered at universities of applied sciences. The majority of study programs are master programs. In addition to specific programs in the field of personnel (service) management, human resources can also be chosen as a focus in general business administration programs. In addition, internationally oriented study programs (International Human Resource Management) are available.

Contents of the course

In addition to the basics of business administration, students in the field of human resources management and service acquire specific knowledge, for example in personnel management and development, personnel marketing and controlling, strategy and change organization (change management), installation and control of accompanying communication processes, conflict management, work and employment Social Security Law or Personal Psychology and Ethics.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates can take on tasks in personnel management and business organization of companies of all sectors and organizations, e.g. as a business economist for personnel management or as a specialist in human resources.