Quality management

Quality management in all industries aims to improve products, services and processes with the aim of increasing competitiveness, customer satisfaction and retention.

The study field at a glance

Quality management is relevant in all industries and is considered a major task of the management. Implementing quality assurance measures, making work processes sustainably more effective and efficient, identifying weak points, implementing continuous improvements and implementing new quality systems is one of the key strategic competitive factors. The study area generally has a business background and moves at the interfaces to project and process planning, product development, design and production. As a rule, the specialization takes place in a subject area.

Offered courses

Quality management is a continuing field of study in which knowledge acquired in a relevant undergraduate degree program is deepened.

These include master's degree programs such as compliance and data protection, process and quality management in agriculture and horticulture, laboratory and quality management, quality engineering, quality engineering, quality management, environmental and quality management and can be studied in part at a distance and part-time study programs.

Contents of the course

The study contents are application-related and, depending on the degree program, range from business administration and marketing topics, from quality planning, quality control, quality assurance methods, quality engineering, quality auditing to product liability. Students learn to think in a customer- and process-oriented way, to recognize complex correlations and to assess and apply quality methods in concrete tasks.

Admission criteria & course application

Usually a business background is expected, but also technical degrees are possible. A first professional or academic degree in a relevant undergraduate degree course and possibly subsequent professional experience are required. In addition, local admission restrictions, proficiency tests such as oral entrance exams or counseling and admissions interviews may apply.

Possible careers after graduation

Since quality management plays a role in many industries, the occupational fields of application are wide-ranging. Graduates will find employment opportunities in research and teaching, corporate management, management consulting, project planning and support.