Raw material extraction / Metallurgy

Metals, rocks, natural gas - the discovery, mining, processing and recycling of raw materials needed to produce industrial goods are central to this area of study.

The study field at a glance

The sustainable provision of sufficient energy sources and the environmentally sound extraction and utilization of the raw materials required to do so pose a great challenge. For the sustainable extraction of raw materials and their recycling, it is important to develop better sustainable strategies. This requires technical and scientific basic knowledge. Studying in this field prepares you to work in an internationally oriented industry.

Offered courses

The courses offered include Bachelor's and Master's degree programs or dual study programs such as metallurgy, foundry technology, metallurgy and metal forming or raw material engineering, sustainable raw materials and energy supply, energy and raw materials, commodity geosciences, raw material engineering / mineral resources engineering.

Contents of the course

In the study, mathematical and scientific knowledge, fundamentals of engineering, raw material extraction and process technology as well as business topics are imparted. Basic knowledge in subject-specific chemistry and mechanics, metallurgy, materials science also plays a role.

Subjects such as deposit management, opencast mining and civil engineering, mine construction and tunneling, treatment processes, mechanical engineering in the extractive industry, technical English, raw materials and energy law as well as emission and environmental protection techniques can all be taken care of.

Specialization areas can be found in maritime surveying, raw material extraction, raw material processing and energy resources. The acquisition of foreign language skills and intercultural skills is also important in the internationally oriented industry. During the study, laboratory internships and excursions take place.

Admission criteria & course application

Often the admission requirement is a multiple-week internship in industry.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates in this field of study find employment in various industries, in the plant, construction and mining machinery industries, in extraction or explosive technology plants, in natural gas and oil extraction plants, in quarries, in energy supply or in environmental authorities, in mining, in production planning, control or in sales.