English Studies, American Studies

English and American studies deal with the language and literature of the English-speaking world.

The field of study at a glance

The focus of the field of study is Great Britain (English studies in the narrower sense) and North America (American studies, occasionally also Canadian studies). However, other countries and cultural areas in which the English language plays an important role are also included. Ancient American Studies deals with the language, culture and history of the past advanced civilizations of South, Central and North America (e.g. Aztecs, Maya, Inca).

Course offerings

English and American studies are offered at numerous universities, sometimes as a combined subject.

Depending on the university, there are different subject areas or specializations. Some courses such as “British Studies” focus on Great Britain, while American studies focus on the United States of America. Many courses combine both.

Contents of the course

The students primarily deal with the linguistic, cultural, historical, political or geographical conditions of the English-speaking region. Theater, film and television as well as art and music are also of interest. Since expanding language skills is very important, lectures and events are often held in English. It is also common to complete a stay abroad.

Admission criteria & application for study

Some universities conduct an aptitude test to check language aptitude and motivation.

Career opportunities after graduation

English majors or American majors find employment in journalism, media and TV, publishing, education, cultural institutions, museums or even in management consulting.