Jewish Studies, Judaism

The Jewish Studies and Judaic Studies degree programs are about teaching and researching the over 3,000-year history, religion and culture of the Jewish people in the Orient and Occident.

The field of study at a glance

Judaic studies (also called Jewish studies or Yiddish culture, language and literature) is an academic discipline dedicated to all aspects of Judaism. Depending on the subject area, the Jewish religion, history and developments of modern Judaism are researched. The aim of the course is to be able to independently translate historical and modern source texts, analyze them and place them in the correct context. Courses such as “Ancient Languages and Cultures” also deal with Jewish, including Yiddish, history, language and culture.

Course offered

The course is often offered at universities in the form of combined bachelor's degree programs. Master's degree programs based on this cover a broad spectrum of Jewish studies.

Contents of the course

The course contents include language training (Hebraicum, and depending on the university also Aramaicum, Yiddicum and Jewish Spanish), courses on the Jewish holy scripture (Torah) and its interpretation. Also considered are rabbinic literature, halacha and liturgy, Jewish philosophy and intellectual history, Hebrew linguistics and literature, the history of the Jewish people, German-Jewish literature and culture, and Yiddish language and literature.

Admission criteria & application for study

All degree programs are open to applicants regardless of their religious affiliation.

Career opportunities after graduation

Graduates in the field of Jewish studies and Jewish studies can work in publishing or as editors in the press, radio and television or in public relations, advertising, association work as well as in libraries and documentation. They can also work in adult education, at universities and other research institutions.