Jewish Studies, Judaism

The degree programs Jewish Studies serve to teach and research the more than 3000-year history of religion, history and culture of the Jewish people in Orient and Occident.

The study field at a glance

Jewish Studies are a scientific discipline dedicated to all aspects of Judaism. The Jewish religion, the history and the developments of modern Judaism are being researched. The aim of the study is to be able to independently translate historical and modern source texts, analyze them and classify them in the correct context.

Offered courses

The study at the universities frequently offered in the form of combination bachelor courses. As a major subject you can study "Jewish Studies", for example at Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg or at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Master's programs based on this cover a broad spectrum of Judaism.

Contents of the course

Course contents are the language education (Hebraicum, optional: Aramaicum, Jiddicum and Jewish Spanish), courses on Bible and Jewish Bible interpretation; rabbinic literature, halakhah and liturgy; Jewish philosophy and intellectual history; Hebrew linguistics and literature; History of the Jewish people; German-Jewish literature and culture, Yiddish language and literature.

Admission criteria & study application

All courses are open to applicants irrespective of their religious affiliation.

For graduates in the field Jewish Studies, Judaic Studies offer activities in publishing or as editors in press, radio and television or in public relations, advertising and in library and documentation. Furthermore, they can work in adult education, at universities and other research institutions.