Non-European Languages and Cultures

The study field of non-European languages and cultures includes African studies, Japanese studies and Turkology.

The study field at a glance

The Arab-Islamic world, the African continent, the cultures of Asia – in contrast to the small European languages and cultures (see chapter 3.8.8), the field of study includes regions outside Europe. The individual disciplines of the field of study at first glance have little in common, but they all deal with the detailed consideration of the language, culture, history and religion of each region.

Offered courses

From African studies to Indology to Turkology – study programs on non-European languages and cultures exist in many different forms at numerous universities in Germany - mostly as a single discipline, partly as part of combination study programs.

Contents of the course

The main focus of the study subjects is the examination of the language, culture, history and religion of the respective regions. In general, sound language training forms the basis for understanding regional culture and its credentials. The aim of these programs is to acquire the ability to work independently and to acquire extensive knowledge of culture, history and regional characteristics.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates find employment in science, in the diplomatic service and cultural exchange as well as in the media and public authorities.