Smaller European Languages and Cultures

The study field "Smaller European Languages and Cultures" summarizes the modern philology Finno-Ugric and Baltic Studies.

The study field at a glance

Fennistic or Finno-Ugric Studies (Uralistics) deals with the non-Indo-European languages and literatures of Finland, Hungary, Estonia and some smaller languages in Russia and their cultures. Finno-Ugric languages include Finnish and Hungarian languages, which have no relation to the other languages of Europe and are therefore considered difficult to learn.
The Baltistik deals with the Baltic languages Latvian and Lithuanian or with the Caucasian languages (Caucasiology).

Offered courses

Studies in the field of Fennistics are offered at various universities, for example in Munich, Cologne or Göttingen. Partly the Fennistik is offered in combination with the Scandinavian.
The University of Greifswald is the only university in Germany to offer the degree program Baltic Studies.

Contents of the course

The program provides comprehensive technical knowledge, methods and skills in the field of Finno-Ugric languages and cultures. This includes linguistic fundamentals, if necessary learning the two languages Finnish and Hungarian, regional studies as well as fundamental scientific work techniques and competencies.

The "Baltic Studies" study field, which is unique in Germany, deals with Baltic philology. The philological view of the Baltics covers linguistic, literary and cultural developments in Latvia and Lithuania. Language skills are acquired in at least one of the two languages.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates work in cultural, economic and political institutions, especially in the context of Europe's convergence.