Stage Design, Scenography

Developing and creating, scenes, stage sets, pupptes, decorations and atmospheres is the focus of stage design and scenography.

The study field at a glance

The practice-oriented and project-oriented degree courses belong to the field of stage, dramaturgy, directing, costume design and new forms of media. Main focus is to bring theater, film or TV plays visually to life either by (staged) scenes, decorations or costumes. Employees in this area work closely with directors and choreographers.

In addition to basic theoretical knowledge, artistic-creative skills in design and fine arts, theater studies and art history play a major role.

Offered courses

The bachelor and diploma courses are offered at art academies, universities and universities of applied sciences. Basic degree programs can be found under the following designations: set design, stage and costume design, free art / stage and costume design, costume design, scenography and costume, theater equipment.

Contents of the course

During the studies students gain dramaturgical, pictorial, organizational and business management basis knowledge. In addition they may learn visual design, stage and costume design, concept and sketching, design techniques, editing, art and drama.

Added to this are modules such as communication and presentation, composing, scenography, film and media history, dramaturgy, literature or visual effects.

Admission criteria & study application

In many cases, prospective students have to undergo university-internal selection procedures and aptitude examinations, or prove their artistic inclination by presenting a portfolio.

Possible careers after graduation

Graduates can freelance or apply for a permanent position in film, television, at opera houses, theaters, and for video production companies. It’s also possible to work for exhibitions, museums, or concert organizers.